With the SP_CE Salesforce integration you will have a branded customer facing portal to your CRM. In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of setting up the SP_CE – Salesforce integration.

The integration is available for all customers with a Salesforce Enterprise account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to set it up.

To learn how to use the integration once it’s setup, follow this guide.

Connect Salesforce to SP_CE

To setup the connection between Salesforce and SP_CE:

  1. Click the link to install the integration package
  2. Log in to your Salesforce account
  3. Install the package by choosing “Install for all users”
  4. Check the box to authorize the SP_CE app
  5. Click the “Install” button
Install SP_CE package to Salesforce
Connect SP_CE to Salesforce

Connect SP_CE to Salesforce

Once the package is installed and the SP_CE views are set up in Salesforce it’s time to connect SP_CE to Salesforce:

  1. Go to the Integrations page in SP_CE which you will find under Settings > Integrations
  2. Find the Salesforce card and click the “Connect” button
  3. In the popup, scroll down and click the “Allow” button
  4. In the confirmation popup, click “OK”

Add custom SP_CE tabs to the Salesforce menu (Optional)

It is possible to add custom SP_CE tabs to the menu in Salesforce if you wish to have quick access to SP_CE Meeting Templates, SP_CE Participants and/or SP_CE Space templates. To add a tab, follow these steps:

  1. In Salesforce click on the pen icon in the top right in the tabs bar to open “Sales App Navigation Items”
  2. Click the “Add more items” button
  3. Choose “All” in the left menu
  4. In the search field type in “spce”
  5. In the search result, click on the + icon and check all the SP_CE item
  6. Click “Add nav item”
  7. Click “Save”

You will now be able to see the selected SP_CE tabs in the menu bar.

Add custom tabs in Salesforce
Sync chart Salesforce SP_CE

Summary of what the integration can do

If you prefer visual images over written text, this section is for you. The infographic serves as a cheat sheet for what scenarios and actions are supported in the SP_CE Salesforce integration.