After sales & training

One Space for educating customers

With SP_CE Product, Sales- and Support teams get:

  • A digital room to invite people to – a dedicated training portal that is always available for those who need it.
  • A way to hold remote, live training combined with on-demand material that you can update continuously and automatically.
  • A safe place – accessed by those you invite and no one else.
After Sales and training with SP CE

Scale your training & after sales support

The common problem when sharing files outside a organisation.


Many products require a robust training and ongoing support. The right material needs to be made available for the right people, regulatory demands and product updates means that the material needs to be changed continuously.

What’s more, training and support needs to be scaled to ensure that all customers can get quick value from their purchase – and use your product efficiently and correctly.


With SP_CE, you can create a dedicated, digital room where all material can be stored and seamlessly updated, where live training sessions can be held and where customers can ask questions and get answers. Use templates to quickly scale the rooms and reach all customers with a few clicks.

The SP_CE solution to share files.

3 steps to train your customers

1. Create a space

Create a Space, a secure digital class room where you gather all material you need to educate your customers about your product. Share your room with a click and verify that everyone who should be there have gotten access.

A digital room - Space - for after sales and training
Overview of how to run training sessions in SP_CE.

2. Run Training sessions

Hold live training sessions where you show your product, how to work with it and what customers need to know. Ask pulse and quiz questions to keep participants active and to verify that they’ve understood your product.

3. Maintain a direct line of SUPPORT

Seamlessly update material and notify customers to the changes. Quickly answer any questions customers have in the chat, make them aware of any news with sleek video messages – and verify that they’ve gone through material with detailed data and analytics.

Overview of how to maintain a direct line of support with SP_CE.
Overview of how to share and trace files with SP_CE.

4. Follow up and sell more

Follow traction from the start and continue to optimize both messaging and performance. See which files that gets the most attention and what product videos that are being watched.

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Aquatic use SP_CE to educate professionals in the food manufacturing industry

“It’s been really easy to work with SP_CE and I have gotten very positive comments from the members”

Marie Gelhaar
Business Unit Manager, Aquatic

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