about us

We close the gap between people

When the pandemic hit the world grew distant over night. People started to work together remotely and over time saw the benefits that came with it. Today B2B buyers even prefer digital interactions.

SP_CE was born in 2020 with a single goal in mind: to help B2B companies adapt to the new normal by closing the gap between people. This goal remains our North Star.

We want to make complex business easy and grow relationships across distances. All you need is the right platform.

The SP_CE Closing the gap circle

What is SP CE?

First of all, we like to pronounce it SPACE [speɪs].

For many of you, space is an infinite place full of planets, stars, and galaxies. For us it’s almost the contrary – we like to see SP_CE as a defined place where you gather your stakeholders to push your B2B deal forward. Like a digital conference room where you share all your presentations, documentation, and different agreements. A place for buyers and sellers to meet digitally from the first touchpoint to the signed deal and beyond. But instead of nods and umm-hmms, you’ll get measurable datapoints of all interactions in the business material.

our vision

A world where we have changed the way people in B2B do business with each other.

our mission

Close the gap between people, making complex business simple.

Management Team

Meet the Team

Jonas Hammarberg, CEO

Jonas Hammarberg

Chief Executive Officer

Rima Celik, CFO

Rima Celik

Chief Financial Officer,

Sofie Lindblom, CPO

Sofie Lindblom

Chief Product Officer,

Erik Wibom, CTO

Erik Wibom

Chief Technology Officer,

Rasmus Hammarberg

Customer Experience Officer,

Our offices AROUND the world

SP_CE office Stockholm Sweden


Nybrogatan 6
Business Center
Box 5855
102 40 Stockholm

SP_CE office Boston, USA


240 Elm Street
MA 02144 Davis Square
United States

SP_CE office Ho Ci Minh City, Vietnam


361 Le Trong Tan
Son Ky, Tan Phu
Ho Chi Minh City

SP_CE office Manila, Philippines


Araneta Center
Cubao, Gateway Tower
Quezon City