One Space to keep your product messaging consistent

With SP_CE product, sales- and marketing teams can:

  • Have a dedicated digital room for the distributor, with all material, trainings and Q&A in one place.
  • Control the message and monitor traction and usage. See which partners that are most active, and the ones that need a push.
  • Get full version control to change any word, image or slide, knowing that every partner, sales rep. and end customer will see the same.

Boost Your CHANNEL sales with SP CE


Partner sales can be challenging. You are not in total control of the sales process and your partner may be managing tons of products from different suppliers. Making it difficult for you to gain visibility and keep your message consistent.


SP_CE simplifies managing of partner sales channels, offering an easy way to supply partners with essential materials and communicate updates. All while ensuring your message stays consistent and on point – and that your brand stays top-of-mind.

Dot chart visualizing the common problem with, and the common solution to, partner sales.

3 steps to great partner sales

1. Create your partner space

Instead of relying on loose product sheets and slides, craft dedicated Spaces to showcase your product. Fill the Space with relevant product material that can be shared in a controlled way.

Overview of how to create a space in SP_CE.
Overview of how to set access levels in SP_CE.

2. Share and collaborate

Share the Space with your partner, and give them everything they need in one place.

Answer any questions your partner has, and build your partner relation. Instead of endless email chains, all relevant information is shared and communicated in the Space.

Update any material without delay and make sure that every stakeholder has the same version and tells the same story.

3. Follow up

Track your partners traction across markets and continents. With detailed analytics you can look back on your partners’ performance and make truly data-driven decisions.

Overview of how to share and trace files with SP_CE.

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Dynamic factory use SP CE for partner sales

“The best thing with SP_CE is that it’s really, really professional. Even if we don’t have a marketing department, it looks like we do”

Thomas Laine
Business Specialist & CEO
Dynamic Factory

Innovative companies use SP CE for partner sales

KlisBio runs
Genesys Spine runs SP_CE.
Dynamic Factory runs SP_CE.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a digital tool for Channel sales

It includes:

  • A checklist to use when comparing vendors
  • 4 steps to enable your partners