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Launching a new product means that your product message needs to travel through your own organization – and reach the right buyers. With SP_CE, you get one tool for packaging your product message, share it with the right people and follow up on performance.

Your product message will be consistent, and your product launch will be smoother than ever.

Use case: Product Launch

89% of product launches don’t meet their goals

Why is this happening and what can you do to increase your odds?

Lack of team alignment

Working in silos can lead to a gap between Product, Marketing and Sales in preparation for the launch.

Tough to cut through the noise

It’s challenging to stand out from other players when everyone has the same tools, formats, channels and ad words.

Messy messaging

Keeping a message consistent through all stages of a product launch is no easy task when it passes through several teams before reaching the customer.

Up-going graph with predicted revenue (line 1) above actual revenue (line 2) and the growth gap inbetween.

beat the odds with SP CE

Gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the rest by launching your next product in SP_CE.

Figure showing the SP_CE 5-step way of launching a product

Global innovation leaders launch products with SP_CE

Company Molnlycke runs SP_CE for their product launches.
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Want a cure for product launches that don’t deliver?

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Want a cure for product launches that don’t deliver?