Product launch

One Space for a controlled product launch

With SP_CE product, sales- and marketing teams get:

  • A shared document repository – one digital room for all relevant documents, sales materials, marketing collateral, and product information.
  • Controlled sharing of information and updates – keep your own teams, key opinon leaders, partners and customers in the loop, and make sure everyone sees the latest version of every document or shared information.
  • A place to collect feedback and track document performance – built-in analytics helps you make data-driven decisions.
Launch products with SP CE

89% of product launches don’t meet their goals

The common problem when sharing files outside a organisation.


Launching a product means getting your product message and material to different people in different markets. Everyone needs to receive a consistent message that is tailor-made for their market and role, and everyone needs material that is always accurate and compliant to local regulations.

On top of that, you need to verify that your product message and material actually performs – and quickly make adjustments if necessary.


With SP_CE you can control your product message and material both internally and externally. You can create digital rooms for each market, design them to stand out and fill them with relevant material that can be automatically updated to conform to regulations and messaging.

These rooms can be shared time and again, ensuring that your message remains consistent no matter who shares it – and who receives it.

The SP_CE solution to share files.

4 steps for a successful product launch

1. Create a space and Gather information

Manage internal and external efforts by collecting all marketing collaterals, ads, tutorials and training material in one Space.

Product launch - gather all information in one single place
Overview of how an internal launch may look in SP_CE.

2. Internal launch

Sometimes the sales organization is the toughest buyer, why the internal launch is crucial. Make sure that people in your own organization has all the education and information they need before they meet the customers.

3. Launch

Share your digital room with your key opinion leaders, sales partners and customers. One link will get them all the product information they need – always updated with the latest version, for the right market and right language.

Overview of how to launch a product externally with SP_CE.
Overview of how to share and trace files with SP_CE.

4. Follow up and sell more

Follow traction from the start and continue to optimize both messaging and performance. See which files that gets the most attention and what product videos that are being watched.

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Creative use SP CE to launch products

“With SP_CE our customers have one single point were they can go for information and news about the Creative product portfolio.”

Andrew Killeen
European Operations, Creative

Global innovation leaders launch products with SP CE

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Framery runs SP_CE
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Creative runs SP_CE
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Want a cure for product launches that don’t deliver?


  • A glossery of key terms
  • 4 factors for a mind-blowing launch
  • Step-by-steps to get your launch to deliver
  • The SP_CE way to launch a product