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Go-to-market hub

Your go-to hub with everything you need to go to market with your new product.

To go to market with a new product is kind of like a puzzle, where every piece needs to end up just right. This can be a real challenge and many organizations see that their product launch falls short in some regard.

We want to change that by giving you the tools and tips you need to bring your product to market in a spectacular manner – and generate results in no time. Which is why this page exists, and where we’ve gathered resources for Product Owners, Marketers and Sales Professionals.

Go-to-market FAQ

Want some quick information about key terms and concepts? Look no further: we’ve gathered some of the most common and relevant questions right here.

These questions will give you a good grasp of the basics, and range from the product-centric to marketing and sales.

What’s the definition of account-based marketing?2022-06-17T11:45:25+01:00

A simple definition of account-based marketing could be “a marketing method where Sales and Marketing create personal content for select accounts that are worth a lot.”

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What’s a product launch plan?2022-06-16T15:23:49+01:00

Your product launch plan includes the steps you’ll take to make your launch happen –  in the right sequence and with a time frame for each one.

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What’s a product launch marketing plan?2022-06-16T15:27:18+01:00

Your product launch marketing plan is basically a blueprint for how you’ll market your product. It will include your messaging (or a sketch of the same) and the strategy you’ll use to get your product noticed by your target group.

What’s a go-to-market strategy?2022-06-16T15:33:53+01:00

A go-to-market strategy is a guide that will help you bring your new product to a select market. It usually includes all the steps you need to take to get there, including a plan for how sales should get the product into the right hands, a strategy for how marketing will support their effort and an outline of your target group.

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What’s a digital showroom?2022-06-17T06:38:05+01:00

A digital showroom is a space where B2B companies can show their products in the best of lights.  It works as a kind of microsite that product owners or marketers can design, customize, and share with their own organization – or select accounts.

A digital showroom can make product launches run smoother, as it can be shared with a click and filled with personalized content made and crafted for the receiver.

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What’s a digital sales room?2022-06-17T06:41:30+01:00

When it’s time for sales to get your product to accounts and prospects, a digital sales room will act as a single point of contact between your sales reps and their customers. There, your sales reps can run picture-perfect sales meetings, grow the relation over time and share the exact right material with a click.

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Is the digital showroom for you?2022-06-17T06:35:24+01:00

If you’re a B2B product-oriented company, odds are the digital showroom can do some great things for your product launches and marketing. The digital showroom will offer a ton of value if you want to:

  • Align marketing and sales
  • Get your new product out to your sales teams
  • Market a new product with select accounts
  • Get your product to the greater market.

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For the Product Owner

Imagine that your product team has worked super-hard to make your new product absolutely amazing, and now it’s up to you to gather your teams and bring it to market. When you’ll want to launch your new product as smoothly as possible, align your sales and marketing teams and ultimately have your product make a great impact on the market.

Here, you’ll find a ton of resources that will help you do this exact thing:

For the Marketer

As a marketer with the task of getting a product out, you have a great adventure awaiting you. An adventure that will have you working with the product team to understand and explain the product – before you’ll crunch the messaging, create marketing material and get sales onboard. Something that is probably followed by a number of campaigns run on select accounts and the general market.

To help you with all this, we’ve gathered the resources that can make this process way easier to manage:

For the Sales Professional

Bringing your product to your accounts and prospects can come with a few challenges. Especially if you’re going to do so remotely (which, as you probably know, has quickly become the standard way of going about B2B sales).

To give you the tools you need to drive your deals forward, hold amazing remote sales meetings and keep track of both stakeholders and long sales processes, we’ve done our research and collected a ton of relevant resources right here:

Extra credit

Talking about going to market and launching your product with the best results possible, we feel that we should dedicate a section to ABM.

ABM, or Account-Based Marketing, is basically a strategy where you focus your attention on select, high-value accounts. It allows you to create super-targeted campaigns that are made and crafted for individual accounts, select industries or groups of target companies, and tends to have a great ROI. It also happens to work extremely well for product launches, where an ABM approach can let you bring your product to the accounts that are likely to convert – or that will bring the most revenue when they do.

Here, we’ve gathered the tips & tricks that can help you get started with ABM, and make your strategy a smashing success:

Download: The SP_CE guide to a mind-blowing product launch

Additional resources

No Go-to-market hub would be complete without a ton of additional resources. Why we’ve gathered everything we’ve written right here for you to go through and find the resources that will make a difference. Make sure to check this page out regularly to see our most recent articles!

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