Share files & content

One Space for secure & controlled file sharing

With SP_CE product, sales- and marketing teams can:

  • Gain control when sharing product, marketing- and sales material with customers.
  • Offer customers a secure, single-source access to relevant information.
  • Share large files and get full traceability of the shared content – no more lost emails, dropped boxes or endless drive folders.

Share Files outside your organization with confidence

The common problem when sharing files outside a organisation.


Secure file- and content sharing is normally not a problem within the own organization, but when it comes to sharing outside problem arise. Suddenly you have to rely on email, limited drives, box-services or file-transfers. Leaving you out of control of how your files and information is spread. Did the latest version really reach the intended person – and did it do so securely?


SP_CE will make you stay in control of your content. Seamlessly synchronize files and communications from your existing tech stack and share them through a Space. With built-in privacy and access levels, SP_CE ensures that your materials are only accessible to the intended audience.

The SP_CE solution to share files.

3 steps to secure file sharing

1. Create a space

Create a Space, a secure digital room where you collect all relevant information, files and material.

Overview of how to create a space in SP_CE.
Overview of how to set access levels in SP_CE.

2. Set privacy- & access levels

With three different privacy levels you can choose if your Space should be public and open to anyone, restricted -where visitors have to log in with their email address, or private only allowing specially invited visitors to access the Space. 2-factor verification assures high level security.

With access levels, you can further restrict access to certain files and folders, making your file sharing really versatile.

3. SHARE & Trace your files

Share specific files or the entire space with a click. Extensive analytics tracks every visitor and file. See who viewed, shared or downloaded a file and get knowledge about engagement and traffic in the space.

Overview of how to share and trace files with SP_CE.

Innovative companies use SP CE for sharing content & files

Atlas Copco runs SP_CE.
Framery runs SP CE
Framery runs SP_CE.
Customer use case video interview Atlas Copco

“SP_CE is giving us this ready-made environment to share any amount of information with the customer – in any format. And it’s very controlled.”

Matthew Jenner
Business Line Manager
Tools and Industrial Assebly, Atlas Copco

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Ready for controlled file sharing?

Share content outside your organization: The sP Ce guide to content sharing

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  • An easy way to determine your unique risks
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