Buyer enablement

Buyer enablement makes it easier for your buyer to buy from you. With SP_CE, you will make this happen by getting everyone in the same space. Share material, engage stakeholders with chat or video messages and keep track of everyone involved in the deal.

Your buyer will have an easier time buying, and you will have a easier time selling.

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77% of B2B buyers say that their last buying process was difficult*.

We’re not surprised: a B2B purchase can involve up to 10 people and sellers need to address and align stakeholders, engage them throughout the journey and make sure their champion can successfully drive the deal internally.

It’s no wonder that buyers find it hard to buy, or that many deals are stalled or lost as a result. Engaging buyers is hard, and keeping sales momentum without buyer engagement is almost impossible.

With SP_CE, you can tackle this challenge by engaging your buyer at every step of the way, addressing every stakeholder and empowering your champion to sell your product as well as your sales team can.

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Drive buyer enablement value with SP_CE.

Enable your buyers with SP_CE

An easier buying journey can translate to more deals and a shorter sales cycle. With SP_CE, you can make it happen by:

  • Keeping your product message consistent, and make sure every stakeholder gets a hold of it.

With one single message communicated to everyone, it will be easier than ever to align stakeholders and get the sign.

  • Giving your champion the right argument every time – and the material to back it up.

Your champion will never fail to articulate your value prop and can sell your product like they’ve been doing it their whole lives.

  • Engaging your buyer with frequent interactions and a constant flow of content.

Keep stakeholders motivated with new and engaging content and keep your momentum throughout your sales process.

  • Building trust and mitigating risk

Address your buyer’s concerns right away and give them a professional experience that they can rely on.

3 steps to buyer enablement

1. Give your buyer a single source of truth

Drive your deal in one digital space where your message is perfectly articulated and relevant content is always available. Your buyer will always be able to return to your space and can invite additional stakeholders.

You will be able to keep track of everyone as they come in, and see how they interact with your space.

Audience analytics for your space.

2. Engage you buyer with frequent interactions

Move your deal forward in and out of meetings. Connect frequently with chat and video messages, and share relevant content as the need arises. You will get more touchpoints with your buyer, and they will get a fast-track to the information they need.

3. Unite buyer stakeholders and build trust

Get buyer stakeholders on the same page – by literally getting them in the same space. Stakeholders get a transparent view of what has happened in the sales process, and new stakeholders can get up to speed fast.

With a transparent view of what’s going on, your buyer can have an easier time relying on you and can come to a decision faster.

Unite buyer stakeholder with sp_ce and build trust.

Your guide to buyer enablement

Download your copy and learn how to make it easy for your buyer to buy from you.

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The most innovative companies run SP CE

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G2 Badge Easiest to do business with Spring 2023
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Give your buyers an experience they will want to engage with

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