account based marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing means running highly targeted campaigns on specific, high-value accounts. With SP_CE, you can create targeted, digital spaces for individual accounts and stay relevant in each interaction.

It is a cure for spray-and-pray campaigns that don’t deliver, and a way to boost conversions at a lower cost.

Use case: Account Based Marketing (ABM)

86 % of customers expect personalized touchpoints

The smooth e-commerce experience in B2C has introduced a new set of customer expectations in business deals. B2B marketing efforts now need to be well designed, personal and relevant.

To make it happen, you’ll need to close the gap between Marketing, Sales and Customers and create personalized touch points throughout the whole buying journey.

This is what you can do with SP_CE. We offer a cure for spray-and-pray campaigns that don’t convert as expected.

Collage containing a screenshot of a showroom in SP CE, a graph with touchpoints and 3 persons in a buying journey.
Visualization of marketing showroom with material and manufacturing device in the background

Maximize the Impact of Marketing Spend With Digital Showrooms

Switching to SP_CE will give you an easy way to roll out personalized marketing campaigns to high-value accounts – with a lower spend, higher conversion and a better buyer experience.

When it’s time for Sales to take over, they can do so in the same Showroom. The customer has a persistent and personal space from day 1 and onwards. No gaps!

One Showroom, Endless Customization

Marketing teams can run campaigns and highlight different offerings in the Digital Showroom.

Video sharing in SP CE with participants on green background.

Design customized microsites in minutes without coding

Post personalized video messages to your audience

Google analytics integration in SP CE together with graphs.

Add Google Analytics for additional audience insights

Ownership transferring between participant in SP CE showroom.

Easily hand over to sales without any knowledge gaps

Digital Showrooms are suitable for Account Based Marketing (ABM), microsites, custom landing pages, customer portals or digital experiences at events.


team working on abm campaign

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