What problems can you tackle with a Digital Sales Room (DSR)? It’s a great question and one that you need an answer to before you consider one. So, we’ve gathered the areas that can benefit from a DSR and the most important business problems it can tackle. 

A Digital Sales Room can be a truly transformational tool for your organization. It can help streamline your sales process, cut the time it takes to close large deals and give you the data you need to focus your attention on the deals with high win-rates. It can do some great things for your customer experience and marketing efforts. It can close the gap between Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Buyers and it can help you drive revenue at a lower cost.

It can do a lot of things, the DSR. So many things, in fact, that it can feel like a lot to take in. You might be wondering what exact problems it can fix, which is why we’ve gathered the top business problems you can tackle by using a DSR. This, by looking at a recent G2 trend report where they identified these very problems.

Top business problems you can use a Digital Sales Room to solve

G2 found these business problems by looking at reviews posted on their (absolutely great) platform. Of these, we’ve selected a few key problems a DSR can solve, before we’ve paraphrased and discussed them:

Make it easier to buy

A DSR can make it easier for your buyer to actually buy your product. How? Well, with a DSR you can gather all relevant material in one space, which means that your buyer never have to look through old email chains to find the right information. What’s more, the buyer will always have access to your DSR (oftentimes with a single, magic link). With that, there won’t come a time when they wonder something they don’t have the answer to. Especially if your sales reps add material to the DSR as the process moves forward.

Manage multiple stakeholders

You’re probably well aware of how hard it can be to manage the different stakeholders involved on the buyer’s side. This can be even more challenging when more and more stakeholders are involved in the process and when more stakeholders are added along the way. A DSR can help you manage these stakeholders by giving you the tools to:

  • Invite more stakeholders as the need arises
  • Make sure that everyone can get up to speed fast – and get the right information
  • See exactly who is involved on the buyer’s side
  • Get buy-in and make it easier for stakeholders to reach consensus

Manage long sales journeys – and shorten them

By having all interactions in a single space throughout the whole journey, it becomes easier for your sales reps and their buyers to stay on top of the process. This makes the DSR a one-stop-shop where everything related to the deal is gathered – and where your sales reps can get the data they need to make truly data-driven decisions. Which, in turn, could help you shorten those long sales journeys.

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