What is the best digital sales room (DSR)? It’s a tough question: the best DSR for you will be the one that covers your needs and gives you a great ROI. The question is how to find the best DSR for your needs.

Nowadays, Digital Sales Rooms have become commonplace. Gartner predicts that a whopping 30 % of sales processes will take place in DSRs by 2026, companies across the globe have realized its potential and buyers are already appreciating the move to a virtual model. What this means is that a DSR can help you adopt to the changes occurring on the market and future-proof your sales machine. Which, in turn, means that the question is not really whether to have a DSR or not – but what DSR you should choose.

So, what is actually the best Digital Sales Room for you?

The best digital sales room: choosing the right one for you

The truth of the matter is that it depends. Different organizations have different needs, and the best Digital Sales Room for you will tackle your unique challenges. There are, however, some things that unite the best DSRs in the business, and that can help you pick a solution.

Below, we’ve gathered some key things that the best DSRs offer, so that you can have an easier time sifting through the offerings on the market.

  1. The best Digital Sales Rooms keep EVERYTHING gathered: The absolute best DSRs will be a bridge between you and your buyer. It is a gathering place that should let you reach your buyer and manage all interactions that occur between the two of you. Which, in other words, means that the best DSR lets you gather all customer meetings, marketing material, mutual action plans and questions & answers, and keep everything in one place that is always reachable. That way, you can feel secure knowing that all interactions are always gathered, and only need to look in one place to keep track of communications.
  2. The best DSRs are secure: Data security is an absolutely crucial thing when it comes to DSRs. The best have all the necessary certifications, are compliant with all regulations and are, in effect, a safe space for your – and your customer’s – information. Really great DSRs also offer robust access controls, so that you can make sure that the only people who have access to sensitive material are those who should have access.
  3. The best DSRs offer robust collaboration and communication tools: Effective collaboration and communication are absolutely essential for successful sales processes. Look for DSRs that provide real-time messaging, content sharing, video messages and mutual task assigning. These tools help you enable a seamless communication – and an efficient collaboration – with your own team as well as buyers.
  4. The best DSRs offer solid integration to your current tech stack: You may want to consider how compatible your DSR is with your current systems. In the best of worlds, your DSR should be able to be integrated with your CRM, content storage, meeting tool and signing solution. Which can make a large difference when it comes to seamlessly using your DSR in your daily work.
  5. The best DSRs offer advanced analytics: Data is Alpha and Omega these days, and your DSR need to act accordingly. Look for DSRs that offer robust analytics and reporting features, so that you can get the data you need to make the right decision. For example, you will want to see data on buyer engagement, material usage and sales performance, which can give you the information you need to maximize results.
  6. The best DSRs are scaleable: You will want your DSR to scale with your organization. With that, the best DSRs make it easy to scale your sales machine, invite new users and minimize the time spent on manual admin tasks.
  7. The best DSRs have a solid customer support and training: Last of all, keep in mind that the customer support and training provided by your DSR provider will set the stage for your success. Prompt and reliable customer support is of absolute necessity, and a quick and efficient onboarding can have you reach value fast.

The best Digital Sales Room is a matter of choosing one that’s right for you. That said, the above points are more or less universal, and can help you sift through the offerings on the market and make the best choice.

There is, however, one more thing to keep in mind, namely that the best Digital Sales Room is the one that is actually used. In other words, once you’ve chosen your DSR, you will determine whether or not it performs. In our next article, we will give you a ton of tips and tricks to actually get the most out of your new DSR – and make sure that it gives you that amazing ROI you’re after. Until then, you can look at our DSR checklist for a detailed overview of what to look for in a DSR, or contact our team to brainstorm ways to use a DSR in your organization.


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