B2B buying decisions now involve more people than they used to. This can oftentimes stall even the strongest of sales processes, as sellers struggle to align buyer stakeholders and get everyone on the same page. The good news is, there are ways to efficiently align your stakeholders and help them reach a decision fast.

B2B buying decisions tend to involve at least 11 people. With that, getting buyer stakeholders aligned in your sales process is oftentimes a difficult task: you now have 11+ people to manage, and these people have different roles, responsibilites and requirements.

Still, making it happen is crucial for closing your deal without delays. So, how can you align buyer stakeholders and help them make the right decision?

5 ways to align buyer stakeholders

How do you get people with different opinions and needs to get on the same page and reach a decision? One way is to get them all in the same room, give everyone the right information and address each and everyone’s concerns. When it comes to your sales process, this might mean that you:

  • Make sure that your product message reaches every stakeholder
  • Verify that everyone has understood your value prop
  • Encourage questions and answer them quickly
  • Be mindful of who is who, so you can share the material that makes a difference for people in different roles
  • Proactively prepare and share material to avoid delays

This can be rather difficult to pull off, though. So, how can you have an easier time putting these points into practice?

Get everyone in the same space

At SP_CE, we have our own way of helping you align buyer stakeholders – namely a shared, digital space where you and all stakeholders can interact throughout your journey.  By gathering in one persistent place, you will help buyer stakeholders align and make sure your message and value proposition are truly understood. You will also be able to keep track of stakeholders as they come into the process, and can easily answer any and all questions they have fast and efficiently. Preventing delays and nudging the process forward in each interaction.

In short, SP_CE gives you the space you need to gather all your buyer stakeholders and make sure they all have what they need to make a decision. The result? Your buyer can come to a decision faster and your sales cycle can be significantly shortened.

Are you curious about buyer enablement or do you want to see how SP_CE can help you align stakeholders in your sales process?  Contact our sales team or read more about buyer enablement platforms here.

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