What is a Digital Sales Room?

A Digital Sales Room is a digital space where Sales can engage potential customers. It lets you share relevant content and give your prospects a personalized experience from the first interaction and until the deal is signed.

Share personalized material

Chat and send video messages

Hold best-practice sales meetings

Keep track of all stakeholders

Structure internal and external to-dos

Why a digital sales room?

Control the digital sales process with a DSR

Control the sales process from start to finish

Create a Digital Sales Room, invite your buyer or key account and start interacting. You and your buyers will always be able to see what meetings have been held, what activites need to get done and what is to happen next. If your buyer invites more stakeholders, you’ll be able to stay on top of exactly who has joined your Digital Sales Room, while the new stakeholders immidiately can get to know you and your product. With that, you’ll be able to control the sales process and stay on top your deals.

Share content without the hassle

Your sales process involves a lot of content in a wide variety of forms, and everything can be stored in your Digital Sales Room. Both you and your buyer can upload, view and go through material no matter where you are. You will never have to go looking for a piece of content in old email threads ever again, and your buyer will always be able to get the material they need to move the deal forward.

Easily share the content in a digital sales room
Follow your Digital Sales Room with real time data

Become data-driven for real

See exactly who has visited your Digital Sales Room, how engaged they’ve been and what material they’ve viewed. Connect your CRM to add another layer and get key data flowing both ways. With such a data-flow, you’ll be able to make the right decision at the right time and can boost your revenue.


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