What is SP_CE Go-to-Market

SP_CE Go-to-Market solution is a digital room where you can prepare the product message, create interactive marketing material, meet and collaborate throughout the sales process and handle customer onboarding. It enables your teams throughout the entire go-to-market journey, and ultimately makes it easier for buyers to buy your product.

Align your teams with a one-stop-shop for everything related to your product, easily shared with all relevant parties.


The old way of going to market illustrated with 4 steps.

Old Way

Isolated process

The SP_CE go-to-market circle


Smooth transition

1. Prepare product assets

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Marketing tag
  • Product material is produced in a silo
  • Handover to sales often happens without training or context
  • Version management is complex and manual
  • Keep launch material accessible for everyone, up to date – and prepare the sales and marketing teams in a dedicated space.

2. Reach your audience

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  • Spray-and-pray marketing campaigns
  • Little knowledge about what actually converts
  • Use the product-material to customize a digital showroom, track audience engagement and optimize along the way.

3. Meet sales goals

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  • Traveling to sales meetings cost C02, time and money
  • Run digital meetings with a loose structure and questions like “do you see my screen?”
  • Transfer warm leads to a salesroom with all former materials accessible, run meetings, collaborate and drive the deal home.

4. Product utilization

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  • Important knowledge is lost when sales hand over the customer
  • Onboarding journey scattered across 4-6 tools
  • A broken feedback loop between customer success and the product teams
  • Limited opportunities for land & expand sales
  • Sales hand over the space to Customer Success, and ensure that no knowledge is lost in the process. The customer gets a personalized, interactive space where the relationship can grow over time.

SP_CE integrations

sp ce is packed with valuable features and integrations


for product teams

  • Get the right product information to Sales and Marketing teams
  • Seamlessly update product material to the latest version
  • Train Sales and Marketing teams to make sure everyone’s on the same page

Go-to-market tool SP_CE showing global recources
Go-to-market tool SP_CE showing showroom as a feature.

for marketing teams

  • Package your product message in a unique way that stands out from competition
  • Seamlessly update product material to the lastest verion
  • Train Sales and Marketing teams to make sure everyone’s on the same page

for sales teams

  • Easily access the right product material at the right time
  • Connect with buyers in a single space throughout the sales process
  • Keep track of buyer interactions in, and between, meetings
Go-to-market tool SP_CE showing audience analytics as a feature.

for Customer success teams

  • Get the information you need from Sales to onboard your customer
  • Get your customers up to speed in a single space where all meetings take place
  • Share relevant meterials and keep the conversation going to build a long-term relationship

See sp ce in action

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