What is an interactive showroom?

Our interactive Showroom is a digital space where content experience meets customer experience. It lets you package your product in a space that is easily designed to showcase your brand and product.

Share relevant material

Chat and send video messages

Hold virtual meetings

Keep track of your stakeholders

Structure your internal to-dos

Why an interactive showroom?

Reach your buyers where they are

Create a showroom, fill it with relevant material and share it with the right buyers. Your buyers will always be able to access your showroom, and you’ll be able to interact with them through chat and video messages. That way, your buyers have a direct connection with you wherever they are, and you are able to nudge them forward in the buyer’s journey.

Reach the buyer where they are with a digital showroom
Personalized digital showrooms

Personalize the customer experience

Your showroom can be easily designed to be on brand, and can be further personalized to fit your buyer. You will never have to give your buyer a generic experience ever again, and can provide the personalized touch that will catch and hold their attention.

Get actionable data and make even better decisions

See exactly how your buyers interact in your Showroom, see trends and get to know your buyers even better. Use what you learn to give your sales reps an advantage and give your buyers more of what they’re interested in.

Make data-driven decisions with visitor analytics