Digital Sales Rooms can close the gap in B2B sales, but it can be difficult to sift through the various offerings to find a Digital Sales Room with all the right features. To make this a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a checklist with Digital Sales Room requirements.

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) can let you close the gap between you and your buyer and give you a way to drive large deals remotely. It’s a great way to adapt to the hybrid reality we live in, where buyers want more digital touchpoints and more stakeholders are involved in the buying process. It can also give you a good foundation for a sustained sales growth: in 2026, a whopping 30 % of sales processes are expected to take place in Digital Sales Rooms and being at the forefront of this development can give you a strong position on the market.

It can, however, be difficult to find the right DSR to invest in. New DSR vendors seem to be popping up on a weekly basis and not everyone are offering the same things.

Digital Sales Room requirements

To help you sift through the various offerings on the market, we’ve done our homework and compiled a checklist with Digital Sales Room requirements. Use it when talking to vendors and check the boxes to compare.

A checklist of the features a Digital Sales Room needs to offer

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