With the rise of digital, sucesfully selling virtually has become a necessity. Posing the question of how to make virtual sales, and what to think about when doing so.

In this article, we go through how sales leaders can think to make sure their teams are ready for selling virtually. In addition, we’ve gathered a few helpful tips on what sales representatives can consider. In order to increase the chance of closing sales when meeting customers in this new, digital manner.

For the sales leader

For the sales leader looking to give their virtual sales teams the tools to succeed, one thing to think about is giving the team the right setup. The right foundation to be able to sell sucessfully. Where Gartner suggests giving the sales team  “the proper hardware to have professional conversations”. I.e. not to have sales representatives rely solely on their computer camera and microphone to hold video meetings. Instead giving them the proper equipment to be able to present and sell in a professional manner. Something that is, however, not only limited to the hardware, but also includes the proper digital tools to make it possible.

This is also in line with other Gartner resources. Where, for example, Senior Director Analyst,  Doug Bushée has explained how ““many sales leaders are already exploring ways to equip and engage sales teams by investing in new tools for virtual success.” This in an article that, furthermore, underlines that a proper infrastructure is a good thing to look into – when investigating how to make virtual sales. “Sales leaders agree that the ability to gain customer trust and confidence continues to be the primary focus area for successfully closing deals, even in a virtual environment — and these tools are all designed to solidify virtual customer relationships,” Bushée continues. Pointing to how sales leaders are giving their sales teams new playbooks for the virtual format, profiles for virtual buyers and practices based on scenarios and utilizing the numerous digital interactions occuring between sales representative and customer.

For the sales representative

For sales representatives about to have a virtual sales meeting/presentation, it can be a good idea to think about:

  • Showing value right away: I.e. to move to the actual meat of the presentation or pitch quicker than during live meetings face to face. Something that may be an incredibly valuable practice, as the attention span is generally lower during virtual meetings.  As a result, important information and product/service features could benefit from being discussed sooner rather than later. For the same reason, adding interactive elements and ensuring customers remain focused and engaged, will be a pursuit worth dedicating time to.
  • Promoting your brand: Adding your organization’s logo and colors somewhere in the presentation, or via the conference tool in the form of background, theme colors etc. can go a long way to make sure the customer remembers your organization and the presentation. Something that can give you an advantage, as it could spread brand awareness and improve sales long -and short term.

In addition to these, you may benefit from going through our previous tips on how to make a virtual sales call. And don’t forget that virtual sales is about more than the virtual sales call, and also includes areas such as social selling.

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