Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) will gain more ground in 2023 – and be used earlier in the sales process. This, as buyer enablement becomes a key priority and companies are trying to make it easier for the buyer to buy. In this article, we’ll talk more about this and the other Digital Sales Room trends that will come to define the landscape in the coming year. 

Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) give you a chance to create personal, digital spaces for each prospect, and centralize the entire sales process in the very same space. There, you can hold all sales meetings, share material and work together with your prospect over a long period of time.

DSRs have also grown in popularity, lately, and will continue to do so. The latter was recently made clear when G2 released their Digital Sales Room trends and predictions for 2023. Where they, for example, showed how:

  • DSRs will only grow in popularity and importance
  • DSR’s can play a large role in addressing key priorities B2B companies will come to have. For example, the G2 report underlined that companies will move more and more toward a “buyer-focused selling process”, and that enabling the buyer will stand in center.

Digital Sales Room trends for 2023

G2 also identified a ton of other important trends and points, and that deserve a more thorough look. For example:

1. DSRs will be used earlier on in the sales process

DSRs have primarily been used at latter stages of sales processes, but odds are they’ll be used way earlier in the process from now on.

Our take: As good DSRs give you a centralized space to manage all buyer interactions – from the first one and on – it makes sense that the DSR will come to be used earlier in the sales process. Using it from the get go will let you maximize the value you receive and give your buyer a consistent and personal experience from day 1.

2. DSRs will be used to remove friction

According to G2, sellers will need to remove friction in the buyer journey to reach true success. On top of this, sellers will have to add a personal touch and cater to the unique interests and needs of individual prospects. Here, DSRs can be “a conduit to facilitate a smooth experience for prospects and an insights tool for sellers to ensure timely and personalized outreach.”

Our take: DSRs can be the perfect tool for creating a smooth buying journey. For example, good DSRs will let you gather all relevant material the buyer may need, invite additional stakeholders and get them up to speed. That way, everyone can gather around your product and always have the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. Which, in turn, means that the buying process can be shorter and smoother.

3. DSRs will be used to offer self-service options

B2B buyers want a more B2C-like experience. As a result, B2B buyers will want more and more options to find offers and information outside of sales meetings. Using a DSR can here help you understand your customer and provide product material and demos asynchronously.

Our take: Simply put, B2B buyers want to find out more for themselves and meet sellers first later in the process. Here, a good DSR can let you cater to these preferences and make all relevant product material, demos and information available whenever the buyer needs them. Really good DSRs even let you send personalized video messages and chat with your buyer. This doesn’t just let you nudge your buyer forward in their process, but can help you stay on top of what happens between meetings – or before the first sales meeting has taken place.

The 2023 Digital Sales Room trends, summarized

DSRs will come to play a larger and larger role from now on. As B2B companies look for ways to personalize their approach and cater to changes in buyer behavior, the DSR can help you create a truly buyer-centric approach and manage multiple stakeholders over a long period of time. Which, in turn, can give you a strong competitive edge, especially as purchase decisions now include more stakeholders that change over time. In G2s study, 71 % of respondents said that buyer stakeholders are added as the process moves forward, while 68% said that stakeholders tend to change throughout the process.

What that means is this: if you can find a way to manage all these stakeholders and give each and everyone the experience and material they need to make a decision, you can come to close larger deals faster. Which is exactly what a Digital Sales Room can help you do.

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