A Digital Sales Room can provide some awesome benefits and help close the gap between you and your customer. That said, not all organizations will benefit equally: the truth is that the value you receive will depend on your unique needs and situation. Here, we’ll give you the tools to assess your needs – and a handy Digital Sales Room checklist.

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) is a persistent space that closes the gap between your sales teams and their customers. It comes with some great opportunities: for example, it lets your sales teams share material and meet with prospects in a single space throughout the whole sales process. It also gives Customer Success teams a chance to see exactly what has been said in the sales process and give new customers an outstanding onboarding experience.

That said, a DSR isn’t for everyone. Or, rather, the value you get from a DSR will depend on your unique situation and organization. Some organizations truly need a DSR, while others don’t. If your product isn’t simple enough to be explained in a sentence, and your sales teams need to share all kinds of documents and material with your prospects, a DSR is definitely for you. If your deal cycles are usually longer than a month and you need a couple of meetings to close a sale, the same thing applies. A DSR can also do wonders if you have a sales organization with more than a handful of sales reps, or if long-term customer relations play a large part in your sales strategy.

Reversely, you probably don’t need a DSR if you’re selling a product with super-short deal cycles or tend to close the sale in the first call. 

Your Digital Sales Room checklist

Want to get a better idea of whether you need a DSR? Take a look at the Digital Sales Room checklist here below. It will give you a good idea of the value you can get from a DSR.

Digital sales room checklist that lets yous ee how much value a digital sales room can give you

Do you want to know more about Digital Sales Rooms? Learn more about the features a DSR needs to offer or contact us to get a better idea of whether a DSR is for you.

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