Are you on the verge of implementing a Digital Sales Room or thinking about investing in one? Here, we’ve gathered 4 best practices that can make your implementation a success – and give you a quick road to value.

If you have gone through huge CRM of ERP implementations, implementing a Digital Sales Room (DSR) will be a fresh breeze. Oftentimes, you can get started with a DSR in no time, provided that your DSR vendor offers a nice onboarding experience and a solid support system. That said, we know that implementing a new tool can be a bit scary, so we’ve gathered 4 best practices to help you make the most of your new DSR.

4 best practices for implementing a Digital Sales Room

1. Put together your team

To set yourself up for success, put together a team that will plan and deploy the solution alongside your Customer Success Manager. This team should include the sponsor (the person from whose budget the investment comes), a lead (a person who drives the project forward) and ambassadors (super-users/advocates who help deploy the solution). If you want to be especially ready, you can also get Marketing involved from the start. The best DSRs are fully customizeable and can be designed and filled with the right marketing material. With that, having Marketing along from the get-go can help make sure that your DSR can go live as soon as possible. 

2. Find a first use case

A DSR is a great tool that can be applied to areas from Sales to Customer Success. With that, you may see a ton of use cases and might have departments asking to use your new DSR. This is one of its strengths: a DSR can revolutionize your entire customer-relation machine and be used to close the gap between you and your customers throughout the whole customer journey.

That said, doing too much too soon can have you spread yourself thin. With that, it’s a good idea to find one or two areas where you’ll start working with your DSR and take it from there. You will be able to focus your attention on these area(s) and get a great case to share in your organization. This will make it easier to expand and have the DSR stick in your organization.

3. Use your onboarding resources

Your Digital Sales Room vendor should offer an efficient onboarding structure with training material, walkthrough meetings and guidance from a Customer Success Manager. Using all these resources can give you a running start with your new DSR.

4. Deploy and communicate

When it’s time to deploy, be clear about the what, the why and the goal of your efforts. Also, it’s a great idea to help users in your organization to learn the new tool, and use whatever resources your DSR provider has made available to you and your organization. 

Do you want to learn more about Digital Sales Rooms? Check out our Digital Sales Room FAQ or contact us to get a live tour of the SP_CE Digital Sales Room.

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