Starting to use a Digital Sales Room is only the first step on your journey. After that, it’s time to make your Digital Sales Room stick in your organization and ensure that everyone uses your new tool. Here, we’ve gathered 3 ways to do that.

Making your Digital Sales Room (DSR) stick in your organization is important. After all, you need people to use it to reach that great ROI you’re after. To help you make this happen, we’ve gathered 3 short tips for making your DSR stick.

3 tips for making your Digital Sales Room stick in your organization

1. Work with ambassadors

If you identified ambassadors/power users during your implementation, this will be an easy one. If not, the trick is to find the team members who can stand in the forefront and act as ambassadors for your DSR.  These ambassadors can not only anchor your new DSR, but can also help spread it throughout your organization. They’re the ones who can help find new ambassadors, answer questions and champion the day-to-day use of the tool.

Working actively with these ambassadors, and making them co-responsible for the success of your DSR, is a great foundation for making your new tool stick in the organization.

When looking for ambassadors, you can ask yourself questions like:

  1. Who would be absolutely stoked to be the first user?
  2. Who could successfully inspire others?
  3. Who would want to make the most of the tool?

2.  Set goals and follow up

The person or group responsible for getting your DSR up and running should set measurable goals that are then followed up on. The best way to go about this is to start with goals in usage (i.e. goals that are more or less limited to using the DSR and getting used to it), before you move on to the goals that are more about results and revenue (so that you can see and measure your ROI). If these goals are communicated top-down, you can have an easier time tracking and evaluating the progress. Which will make it easier to steer the project and your DSR in the right direction. 

3. Work together with your DSR provider

Your DSR provider should be your teammate, ready to get your new tool to work for you. The provider probably has a Customer Success Manager whose sole purpose it is to make sure that your DSR meets or exceeds all your expectations. They can be a great resource to use long after you’ve deployed your first users, and it’s a good idea to involve them in the whole process. This can, for example, mean that they get to meet ambassadors and train your users, be there to bounce ideas and help lead the project as it grows to involve more parts of your organization.

Making a new tool stick can feel like a challenge, but we hope that these tips can make it feel a little bit easier when it comes to your DSR. And remember, even if it feels a bit challenging at times, it is absolutely worth it: a DSR can truly revolutionize your sales efforts and close the gap between you and your customer throughout the whole customer journey. Something that can translate to better customer relations, happier customers, larger deals and a sky-rocketing revenue.

Do you want to learn more about Digital Sales Rooms? Check out our Digital Sales Room FAQ or contact us to get a live tour of the SP_CE Digital Sales Room. 

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