Your buyer champion can make or break your deal. They are the one who will advocate for your product, help guide your sales efforts and work to get buy in from key stakeholders. The problem is, they may struggle to articulate your value prop and can have a hard time showing just why their organization should buy your product. 

Your buyer champion is typically a stakeholder that you have a strong relationship with and who can help you along your sales journey. They can provide you with key stakeholders to involve, give insights about the buying process and advocate for your product when you’re not in the room. This means that your buyer champion needs to be able to articulate just why your product is great, and successfully get buy in from their organization.

This is where a problem can arise. Champions might not be able to perfectly articulate why your product is a great fit for their organization. They might not have the information they need, the understanding they require and the right material to share. In short, they may not be enabled, and it can stall or halt a sales process.

How to enable your buyer champion

1. Understand their organization

To make sure you can pitch the right material and address key pain points, your buyer champion can help you understand just what their organization is after. This will not just help you show relevant material, but will also help your champion when they advocate for your product. Why? Well, by collaborating and outlining the actual problems their organization faces – and how your product can tackle them – your champion will have an easier time pointing to the real value of your product.

2. Give them the means to succeed

Your champion is not trained in your product and does not spend their workdays talking about your value prop. In other words, they’ll need some help to articulate the true value of your product and be able to sell as well as your own sales team. To do this, you’ll need to provide material that is easy to go through and that will help them articulate your message. You’ll want to make sure that your champion always has the right arguments and that they and truly can act like the champion they are.

3. Help them share the right material

Your buyer champion always needs to have the right material at hand. By providing them with this material and making it easy to share with other key stakeholders, you can boost their arguments and give them an ace to use whenever they need to.

When it comes to what material you can share, you can even ask your champion for help: they may be able to point to the information that each key stakeholders will need.

Turning your buyer champion into an all-star seller

Enabling your champion will give them the means to argue for your product and drive the deal forward. If you want to take it one step further, you can look at buyer enablement platforms that can help make it happen in every deal in your pipeline. Like SP_CE, that can enable your champion by:

  • Giving you and your champion a digital space to collaborate and share material in
  • Letting you design a space and attach the right content, so that your champion can always articulate your message and show your product in the best light possible
  • Letting your champion invite stakeholders to a space where they can get the material they need – whenever they need it

With that, your champion can become an all-star seller; capable of articulating your value perfectly and getting buy in from even the most skeptical stakeholders. Odds are, it won’t just make it easier to win your deal but also to get the deal closed fast.

Are you curious about buyer enablement or do you want to see how SP_CE can shorten your sales cycles by letting you enable your champion?  Contact our sales team or read more about buyer enablement platforms here.

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