More and more B2B buyers want to drive their own buying journeys. Focusing on buyer enablement can help you adapt to this new buyer behavior, boost your win rate and shorten your sales cycle.

Many buyers today want to drive their own journeys and meet with sales reps when it suits them. With this change in behavior, B2B sellers need to adjust their approach and give buyers different ways to interact with their organization and products. Which is where Buyer Enablement comes in. 

What is buyer enablement?

Buyer enablement basically means that you focus on your buyer’s needs – and support them at every step of the way. This might mean that you provide the information they need when they need it, customize the journey to fit them and offer different ways of interacting with you and your product. In other words, it’s all about helping your buyers to buy. Something that will be absolutely vital when your sales reps get less and less time with your buyers – and when the buyers themselves want to go through a large portion of their buying journey by themselves.

In such a reality, what will define your sales success is whether you can give your buyer the resources they need to make a decision. No matter if they’re in a sales meeting or researching your product without having a sales rep in the room. I.e. are you to truly enable your buyer, you won’t just have to enable them in sales meetings. You’ll have to enable them between meetings as well.

How can you enable your buyers?

There are many ways to work with buyer enablement. You can, for example:

  1. Get to know your buyer and tailor the experience to fit their needs: Your buyer has unique needs and may be interested in one aspect of your product – or a specific product line. By giving them highly relevant material and information, you can show that you understand them and make it easy for them to see the specific material they want to see. Remember, you don’t want them to have to dig through a ton of information before they find what they’re actually after. You want them to see exactly what they’re after, and nothing besides.
  2. Give them access to the material they need whenever they need it: Your buyer makes decisions when your sales reps aren’t in the room. With that, they will probably need material and information between meetings. By finding a way to store and share the right material in a digital space that your buyer can always reach, you can make sure that they never sit around waiting for the information they need to make a decision.
  3. Give your buyer a fast-track to you: Emails get lost and your sales reps might not always be able to take a phone call. By giving your buyers the ability to chat with your sales reps, they can ask for specific material, pose questions or request a call. Your sales reps can then either answer the questions or share the material the buyer has asked for.
  4. Help your buyers align: There are now more people involved in buying decisions than ever before. Your champion can have a tough time catching everyone up, and addressing each stakeholder’s needs and concerns is a puzzle that oftentimes is left unfinished. By helping your champion articulate your value proposition, getting to know every stakeholder and helping them get to know your product, your buyers can get on the same page.

The role of buyer enablement tools

The right buyer enablement tool can help you make this happen. SP_CE is one of those tools and can help you:

  • Give your buyer a personal and relevant experience
  • Share the right material at the right time and give your buyer 24/7 access to the resources they need
  • Chat with buyers directly, take questions and give them speedy answers
  • Keep track of buyer stakeholders and align every new stakeholder that comes into the process
  • Make sure your champion has all the right answers and can articulate your value proposition

The result is a shorter sales cycle and a higher win rate. Plus, you’ll be catering to your buyer’s needs and preferences, which boosts your chance of building customer relations that last.

Are you curious about buyer enablement or do you want to see what SP_CE can do for you? Contact our sales team or read more about buyer enablement platforms here.

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