Sales Enablement and Buyer Enablement are both key when it comes to closing B2B deals. Here is what sets them apart – and how you can use them to get a serious competitive advantage.

When we talk about B2B sales, two areas have become more and more important lately: buyer enablement and sales enablement. These areas are both key when it comes to winning deals in a time when buyers have changed their behavior drastically and sales need to adapt accordingly. The qestion, then, is what they mean? 

Buyer enablement vs sales enablement

These areas have a lot in common, but they also represent two different approaches. To properly understand each one, let’s go through them one by one.  

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement mostly focuses on making it easier for sellers to sell. With that, it’s all about equipping sales teams with the necessary tools, resources, and training to improve their sales effectiveness and efficiency. Sales enablement aims to boost the productivity and revenue generation capabilities of a sales team, and can come in the form of analytics tools, CRMs, content repositories for sales teams to use etc. It is an important area that has become standard for many B2B companies. 

What is buyer enablement?

Buyer enablement, on the other hand, takes a customer-centric approach – and aims to make it easier for the buyer to buy. With that, it focuses on empowering potential buyers with the information, resources, and personalized experiences they need to make an informed purchase decisions. This can, for example, be customer portals and hubs filled with the right material and accessible at every given moment, as well as personalized content and platforms that let you share this content. As the buyer journey gets more complex, buyer enablement has become increasingly important. It is also an area that is not yet standard, which means that you can get a tremendous competitive advantage by starting to think about buyer enablement now.  

Buyer enablement vs Sales Enablement in one sentence

If we wanted to explain the differences between the two in one sentence, we might say that:

Buyer enablement means that you make it easier to buy, while sales enablement makes it easier to sell. 

With that in mind, we can clearly see that using both sales enablement and buyer enablement can be a winning combination. That way, you can help your sales teams sell while making is as easy as possible for your buyer to make the right decision and buy your product.

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