When buyers want to drive their own buying journeys, keeping them engaged and active throughout the process becomes a tough challenge. Here’s how to boost your buyer engagement and make sure your deals don’t lose momentum.

Buyers want to drive their own journeys and many don’t want to meet sales reps until later in the process. What this means is that sellers get less of their buyers’ time and that keeping buyers engaged and active is more difficult than ever before. With that, sellers risk losing momentum and their deals risk trickling out into nothing. Something that, in turn, poses a crucial question to sales professionals today:

How can we keep our buyers engaged and active when we get so little face-to-face time with them?

It’s a tough question to say the least. To help you answer it, we’ve gathered a few tips to boost buyer engagement – and keep it.

Boost buyer engagement with fewer meetings

1. Create a personalized experience

People need to care to be engaged and your buyer needs to care about your offering to be active and engaged throughout their buying journey. One way to do this is to give them a relevant and personalized experience from day 1, and provide material that truly speaks to them. In other words, switching the generic buying journey for a tailored one can help you engage your buyers.

In practice, this might mean that you offer a buying journey that stands out from your competitors. It might mean that you only provide the material that actually matters to them and it might mean that you get to know them to be able to tailor the experience even more.

2. Interact with your buyer before and between meetings

If you get 5 % of your buyer’s time in a live meeting setting, you have a ton of time to use in between these meetings. By finding ways to interact with buyers when you’re not in a meeting, you can stay top of mind and avoid losing momentum. This can, for example, mean that you:

  • Use a chat tool to catch any questions your buyer has and keep the conversation going. That way, the conversation doesn’t have to end because your meeting ends, and you can be there at every step of the way to answer questions or check in.
  • Use video messages to bridge the gap between meetings. This can, for example, let you walk through your offering or underline what you spoke about in the last meeting. It can also be a more personal way of answering any questions your buyer has, and help make sure that you and your product remain in the center of your buyer’s attention.
  • Use a task manager to build accountability and encourage interaction. The idea of giving your prospect tasks may be daunting, and it might feel a little bit off. That said, setting short to-do’s that are to be done by you and your buyer, before the next call, can create a sense of joint accountability. It could even help you show that you and your buyer are in this together and work as a team. Something that could do wonders for a buyer’s engagement.

3. Keep the content flowing

By continuing to provide relevant content and material, you can keep your buyer active throughout the journey. The trick will be to share content specifically suited for organizations like them, and made to fit the part of the buying journey where they currently are. Of course, the trick is also to keep sharing this content continuously throughout the whole journey and making sure that you and your product don’t fall into your buyer’s peripheral.

Boosting buyer engagement with SP CE

SP_CE helps you get – and keep – your buyer’s attention throughout the entire journey. For example, you can:

  • Create a personal, interactive space designed to fit your buyer. There, you and your buyer can meet and interact throughout the whole journey you’re on. You can even change the content and design as you learn more about your buyer, so that they always get a relevant experience that resonates and keeps them engaged.
  • Interact between meetings with chat, video messages and tasks. This gives you a chance to drive the deal forward even when you’re not in a meeting, and keep the conversation going.
  • Drip content along the buyer’s journey. With SP_CE, you can continuously share material in one persistent space, and your buyers will be notified as soon as you’ve added new material.

By using SP_CE to connect with your buyer, you can keep your buyer’s attention and continuously drive the deal toward the finish line. The result? You get the tools you need to keep your sales momentum, and your buyer will get an experience they’ll want to engage with.

Are you curious about buyer enablement or do you want to see how SP_CE can help you engage your buyer throughout your sales process?  Contact our sales team or read more about buyer enablement platforms here.

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