Imagine that you and your customer are standing on opposite sides of the ocean, shouting to one another and sending paper airplanes with information and material. Hoping that the other person understands what you’re saying – and that the paper airplanes don’t disappear into the sea.  

For a long time, this was standard for B2B sellers. They relied on their guts to make guesses about forecasts, sent sales material in emails and hoped it wouldn’t disappear in an inbox. Wishing that their buyer would share their material with the right stakeholders, without being able to verify it. They were, in effect, trying to communicate across a chasm; across an ocean where the wind howled and the noise was positively deafening. Quite naturally, they were also struggling to be heard.

SP CE is a digital room that bridges the distance between you and your buyer – letting you communicate without struggling to be heard, or wondering if the sales material you sent disappeared along the way.


SP  CE is a room that bridges the distance between you and your buyer

With SP_CE, we wanted to tackle this very thing. The result was a digital room; a single point of contact that effectively bridges the distance between you and your buyer. A room where you and your buyer can meet, share material and collaborate without having to worry about being heard, and a gathering place that gives the both of you a chance to communicate transparently. So that you can have an easier time doing business together.

Seeing is believing.

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