Imagine that you’re trying to get a message to someone across the ocean and have two ways of doing this: you can put it in a bottle and throw it into the sea, or make a paper plane and hope it flies far enough. Odds are, using either of these ways is a risky endeavour and you can never be quite sure if your message makes it to the other side. 

For a long time, sellers were limited to those paper planes or messages in bottles. In other words, they could send their material in emails or talk about them in calls; they could send brochures and hope that they reached the right person. Needless to say, the messages they sent were oftentimes lost along the way – or changed as they made its way from person to person. For example when the marketing team shared them with sales, who shared them with one buyer stakeholder who, in turn, shared them with another.

SP CE is a digital room that gives your product message and material a safe pathway to the right person. So that you won’t have to worry that the material gets lost – or changed – along the way.


SP CE is a secure pathway for your message and material

SP_CE gives our customers an option to the paper planes and bottled messages. Our customers share their message and material in one room that is reachable for all buyer stakeholders. The message remains unchanged, and nothing is lost along the way.

That way, you get a safe pathway for your material, and can control your message at each point of the way. You won’t ever again have to worry about sharing the wrong message or material, and can feel safe knowing that your buyer has access to the material they need.

Seeing is believing.

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