Bridges are amazing. They let you cross chasms and oceans, so you don’t have to take the long way around them. In the same way, SP_CE gives you and your buyer a digital room that bridges the distance between you: a a shortcut that lets you meet and talk without taking the long route of sending emails and waiting anxiously for a response. 

If we tried, we couldn’t count the time bridges have saved for people across the globe. Just imagine how many people are using bridges every day – to get to meetings, family occasions and holidays without having to take the long way around the gap that separates them from where they’re going.

We also couldn’t count the time SP_CE has saved for the sellers and buyers that use it. What we know is what our customers tell us: that it saves their teams and buyers up to 50 % time.

SP CE is a digital room that gives you and your buyer a shortcut to each other, saving up to 50 % of time spent.


SP CE helps you and your buyer save time

The reason why SP_CE saves you and your buyer time is this: it lets you talk and connect in a digital room that is always reachable, so you won’t have to take the long way around. Your sales team can easily connect with buyers to share new material and offerings, without sending emails and large attachments that get lost along the way, and your buyer can get the material and answers they need whenever they need it.

In that way, SP_CE is a shortcut that lets you and your buyer connect faster – and drive the deal forward in light speed.

Seeing is believing.

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