Getting a tech implementation to stick is vital for getting a great ROI. Here, we’ve gathered a few ways to make sure your organization gets the most out of your SP_CE implementation.

After you’ve implemented SP_CE, you’ll want to anchor it in your organization and have everyone be onboard. Here, we’ve gathered 4 ways to do this, so that you can get the most of your implementation and drive a substantial value from your new tool:

Communicate the why

When starting to use a new tool, communicating the value and reason will make all the difference. As you start inviting your SP_CE users, clearly communicate the reason why you’re starting to use a new tool and make sure everyone understands. This way, you can catch any questions about the change SP_CE implies, so that you can address them fast and get everyone to buy in.

Set goals and follow up

Set measurable goals that are then followed up on. The best way to go about this is to have a starting period where the goal revolves around usage, before it starts revolving around value. By getting everyone used to the tool and making it a part of their day-to-day work, you can set a foundation that can let you reach the value-driven goals you have. 

Build a great success case

To make the most of your new tool and have it truly be anchored in your organization, you can build a successful case and communicate it to the rest of your organization. This will let you show the great work you’ve done driving value with SP_CE, find new areas of your organization that can benefit from the tool and expand with a strong tailwind.

Work with ambassadors

Find the team members who can act as ambassadors for SP_CE, by championing the day-to-day use of the tool, answering questions and helping you drive adaption. These ambassadors can be team members who are especially thrilled to try new technology and who can inspire others to utilize the tool to its full potential.

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