On October 26th, THE event for medtech professionals takes place. It will help you become digitally ready and give you a sneak-peak into the future: you will be able to see how your customers can come to experience your product tomorrow.

In 2024, your customers will probably want even more digital interactions. As a result, you will need to ready yourself for a future where you educate your customers, show product demos and train professionals – all in a digital setting.

This event will give you a preview of this future. You will be among the first in the world to see the new WATCHER camera from Creative Labs, and how it can work in perfect union with SP_CE. Giving you a chance to meet your customers digitally, educate them and show your product in the best of lights – every time.

Why you need to do this now

Gartner has shown that 72 % of B2B buyers want digital interactions. What’s more, meeting your customers digitally, instead of travelling to them, can bring some major cost-savings. After all, the average business trip in the US. costs $ 1,293.00.

Now, imagine a future where you can avoid many of those trips while catering to buyer preferences. Imagine a future where you can actually win more deals while spending less money on them. Imagine a future where you don’t have to imagine a future because you’ve already imagined it and acted accordingly.

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The event on October 26th will give you a blueprint on how you can act to make that future a reality. It will give you a preview of how you can show your product tomorrow – and what you can do today to become digitally ready for what is yet to come.

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Seeing is believing.

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