Implementing SP_CE is a quick process and our onboarding is designed to help you hit the ground running and see value in no time. Here, we’ve compiled a short guide to how your implementation can look.

We know that the word implementation may conjure up images of deadlines pushed for a third time, a scope that encompasses years of your company’s life and a major time commitment for everyone involved. We’re here to tell you that your SP_CE implementation won’t look anything like that. We’ve designed our onboarding journey from the ground up with the sole purpose of having you up and running fast. So that you can see value in no time.

Your onboarding in SP_CE is a 4 week process that can look something like this:

1. An implementation plan is set

You and your dedicated Customer Success Manager will go through the process, nail down your use case and set a personalized action plan for the next four weeks. Everything will be mapped out ahead of time and your Customer Success Manager will be at your disposal for any questions that arise during these four weeks.

2. You will be trained to be a super user

Your Customer Success Manager will personally train you and your team and make sure you know everything you need to succeed. You will receive an onboarding space filled to the brim with tutorials, how-to’s and quick guides that you can always come back to.

3. Your SP_CE instance will be set up for success

Along with your Customer Success Manager, you will set up your SP_CE instance with everything that needs to be in place – from the initial content you want to use in your spaces to the integrations you’ll use. Before going live, you and your Customer Success Manager will make sure that everything is picture-perfect and that you are ready to invite your users.

4. You will go live

At this point, 4 weeks have passed and you are ready to go live with SP_CE. Now is the time to invite your users – and get them to use SP_CE in their day to day lives. All the tutorials and how-to’s in your Onboarding space will be available for your users, too. So that they can get the same quick start that you had.

Getting started with SP_CE is a quick process and our onboarding has been designed to let you see value fast. If you’re ready to start your journey, contact us today and get going right away.

Seeing is believing.

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