Virtual selling is here to stay, not just for B2C but also for B2B organizations. Where buyers and sellers alike now prefer to interact digitally, as opposed to traditional modes of interaction.

With the pandemic, B2B buyers and sellers moved largely online – something that is appreciated by both sellers and buyers. In fact, McKinsey research has shown that more than 75 % of B2B sellers and buyers prefer the digital way of interacting. At the same time as a mere 20 % of B2B buyers would prefer to go back to the traditional, face-to-face interactions that were standard before the pandemic. The latter being due to a number of reasons, including the decrease in travel costs, safety, and easier scheduling. Where McKinsey also underline that buyers are now appreciating the fact that “self-serve and remote interactions have made it easier…to get information, place orders, and arrange service”.

In other words, digital B2B sales is not just something that is standard during the pandemic, but will probably only grow in importance moving forward. This, as B2B buyers and sellers have come to understand the benefits that come from interacting digitally, and the increased efficiency and simplicity it can provide when compared to traditional, face-to-face interactions.

Additional findings

McKinsey also showed a number of other findings related to B2B Sales and the switch to digital models, and that give a better image of the topic and emphasize just how plausible it is that digital will be the future for B2B Sales. These findings included that:

  • 90 % of decision makers in B2B think that the digital, remote model is here to stay, while 75 % think this new model is as effective as, or more effective than, it was prior to the pandemic.
  • Close to 80 % of buyers think video is vital, preferring it to audio only/phone calls.


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