When the market is crowded and tough, investing in the right medical device sales tool can make a significant difference. So, how do you actually choose the tool that will help you drive sales – and how can you get a great ROI from your investment?

Investing in digital sales enablement tools and other sales resources is an important step in boosting your medical device sales – and staying ahead of competitors. That said, many companies are now cutting costs as a response to market conditions – which may mean that you’re a bit more careful when it comes to investing in these tools and solutions. With that, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to get a great ROI from your sales tool.

How to get a great ROI from your medical device sales tool

Choose sales tools that lets you maximize current resources

When it comes to keeping costs down and getting a great ROI from your medical device sales tool, using what you already have is key. What that means is that you’ll want to invest in sales tools that let you make the most of your current resources – including your pipeline, sales team and marketing material. In other words, you’ll want to find a tool that lets you and your team:

  • Scale sales efforts without adding to the headcount: I.e. a tool that helps your current sales team handle – and close – more deals, without you having to hire more people. Sales enablement tools that do this will oftentimes help you and your team cut time spent on administrative tasks, get a straightforward overview of current deals and time-efficient ways to communicate with buyers.
  • Boost your win-rate: When times are tough, you may have fewer leads in your pipeline. Investing in tools that give you more leads is important here, but so is finding tools that let you make the most of the leads you have. Which might mean a sales tool that lets you personalize the buying experience to stand out from competitors, activate your buyer continuously and keep them engaged until the deal is signed. These are oftentimes tools that fall under the umbrella term buyer enablement, and that make it easier (and smoother) for your buyer to buy your product.
  • Make sure marketing material is used – and used correctly: Using what resources you have also means that you can find tools that lets your sales team use the marketing material that already exists. Here, we’re oftentimes talking about different content management, or content experience, tools that make it easy for your marketing team to share the right marketing material – and easy for your sales team to use it. With the importance of staying compliant and always sharing correct and updated material, it is also vital that the tool you choose offers a robust version control – so that you and your team can feel safe knowing that you’re always sharing the right material with buyers.

Choose one sales tool that can replace many

The above may sound like a major investment in a lot of tools, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to find a tool that lets you do all of the above; a tool that lets you boost your win-rate, use existing marketing material and scale sales efforts. This can ensure that you don’t spend more than necessary and that you reap the biggest possible benefit from your sales tool.

Whatever tool you choose, the important part is to make sure it can accomplish what you need it to accomplish and that it can help you limit the number of tools you use. For example, a good Digital Sales Room or Digital Showroom could be a good option, here, and help make sure that:

  • Sales can always use the right marketing material
  • Your team get an easy way to manage a lot of ongoing deals
  • You and your buyer can save a substantial amount of time
  • Your buyer gets a personalized experience
  • Your team can continuously engage and activate their buyer until the deal is signed and beyond

Make sure your team understands why you use the tool – and actually use it

Once you’ve actually invested in one or more sales tools, the trick will be to explain the why to your team. For any tool to succeed, it is important that everyone buys into the tool from the start and is motivated to use it. After all, you can invest in the best tool ever, but if no one uses it the ROI will be subpar.

The why is crucial in getting your team to use your product – and so are things like adequate training and top-down instructions. Which, in turn, means that you may want to:

  • Ensure that your team has been adequately trained to use the product
  • Communicate a clear instruction from the top-down, and explain the importance of everyone using your new tool

That way, you can increase the odds of reaching success with your medical device sales tool. Odds are, it can increase the chance of getting a great ROI from the tool you’ve invested in – and the chance that your product delivers on the goals you’ve set for it.

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