Admin, user – host, participant and visitor. Who is who and what is what? In a space you can have three different internal and external roles: Host, Participant and Visitor. Check out the chart below for an overview of the different roles and permissions in a specific space.

To learn more about the roles in your overall SP_CE account click here.
If you are uncertain about how to invite participants to your spaces and meetings see this guide. 

  • Host

    This is the internal owner of the space. The host has ultimate control of the space setup, can create, invite to and run meetings.

  • Participant

    An external person invited to a private or registererd space (identified with name and email)

  • Visitor

    An external person invited to a public space (anonoymous)

Space Roles
(Public Showroom)
(Registered & Private Showroom)
(Registered & Private Salesroom)
Send messages in the public chat (1 : many)
Send messages in the private chat (1 : 1)
View video messages (Vaam)
View. share & download resources
Upload resources
Set access level on resources
Meeting timeline
View meeting on a timeline
Join meetings
Add and edit meeting
Start a meeting
View list of participants in the space
Add participants to a space
View todos on a timeline
Add and edit todo