Sometimes you are on the run, in places where you can’t flip up the laptop or sit down by the desk and turn on your large monitor. This is one of the reasons we put a lot of effort into streamlining SP_CE mobile experience. Quite frankly, you can’t do all the things in SP_CE on your phone, but we doubled down on the core functions that are suitable to do on the go. In short it includes participate in meetings and consume content in a space. For a closer look, use the table below.

Mobile vs Desktop
Overview of spaces
Search & filter spaces
Track activities
Design & manage your spaces 
View Space Analytics 
Set Space privacy level 
View other users spaces
View Insights & Analytics for the whole organization
Create & manage space templates
Create & manage meeting templates
Create & edit meetings 
Edit meeting title & date 
Run meetings
Add, invite & edit participants
Set role
Set resource access levels
Add & organize files and folders 
View, dowload and share link to resource
Add public chat
Add private chat
Add To-do list
Catagorize to-dos
Manage notification settings for you and your participants 
Connect integrations
Manage the subscription
Add & delete users, change role for users
Set default access rights for resources
Set default privacy levels for spaces
Add global space settings
Manage global resources