Activate the HubSpot integration to make your day-to-day work in SP_CE an absolute breeze. In HubSpot you will be able to connect a space to every new deal, have participants in the space automatically added as contacts in the deal and sync all your SP_CE meetings. The HubSpot integration is available for all Enterprise customers. Simply follow this tutorial to get started or talk to your Customer Success Manager if you want help to set it up.

Go here to learn how to use the integration.

Connect SP_CE to HubSpot

  1. Go to the integration page in settings (admin access required)
  2. Find the HubSpot card and click “connect”
  3. In the popup login to your HubSpot account
  4. Choose which SP_CE account you want to connect (if you have multiple accounts)
  5. Confirm by clicking the “Choose account” button
Connect Hubspot to SP_CE
Add custom field in hubspot

Add a form field for space templates in HubSpot

Add a form field in HubSpot to finalize the setup:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account and go to Settings by clicking the cog wheel to the right in the top menu (admin access required)
  2. In the left menu, find Data Management > Objects > Deals
  3. In the Deals page, look for the link “Customize the Create deal form” and click on it
  4. In the left column under Deal Properties, you find Deal Infomation and open the submenu.
  5. Localize and check the Space Template checkbox to add the field to your deal form
  6. Click Save
Hubspot SP_CE synch-chart

Summary of what the integration can do

If you prefer visual images over written text, this section is for you. The infographic serves as a cheat sheet for what scenarios and actions are supported in the SP_CE HubSpot integration.

Disconnect HubSpot from SP_CE

To disconnect the HubSpot integration from SP_CE, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How to disconnect Hubspot from SP CE