Connect SP_CE and Google Drive to reduce the number of steps in your content management process. With the integration all connected files in Google Drive can be accessed directly in SP_CE. No need to upload resources to SP_CE first. Adding, deleting or replacing files and folders can be done in Google Drive, and are automatically updated to spaces where they are used.

Add files from Google Drive TO a space or template

  1. To add a file in the resource panel for a space -> open the space -> select “Resources” in the bottom menu
  2. Click “Add” -> select “Upload Files” or “Upload Folder”
  3. In the “Upload file” section -> click “Add from global resources” -> select the “Google Drive” tab
  4. Select the files you want to add and click the “Add” button
  5. Click “Save” and the files will be added to the space (a Google Drive icon will show next to the file name to indicate it’s origin)

If the files were added to a template, you will get the option to publish to all or selected spaces that are created from that specific template.

To delete a file, click the three dots menu by hovering over the file in the list. In the menu select “Delete”. The file will be removed from the resource panel in the space but not form global resources or Google Drive.

Manage folders and files in Google Drive

  • Files and folders that are synchronized from Google Drive to SP_CE are managed in Google Drive.
  • To update a file, make the changes and save it with the same title in Google Drive. All changes will be visible in SP_CE global resources.
  • To remove a file completely, delete it from the Google Drive.
  • When a file is deleted that is being used in a space, a placeholder file is displayed and the host notified
  • When a file is updated to a new version and is used in a space, it is automatically updated to the new version and the host is notified