Are you a Dynamics user? Then, your SP_CE experience just got a whole lot easier – with the launch of our Dynamics integration. Now, you can create a space and meeting directly through your CRM, and invite your contacts right then and there. Plus, all new participants who enter your space will automatically be added as a contact and tied to that opportunity. I.e. you will never again have to enter contact details twice, and can rest easy knowing that the information is already where it’s supposed to be.  

On top of all that, the to-do’s you add in a space will also be added as tasks in your CRM. Their status will even be updated in real time, when you update the status of a to-do in a space. Which means that you can always keep track of what tasks are yet to be done – whether you’re in SP_CE or Dynamics.  

Our Dynamics integration is available for all our Enterprise users, and can be found and activated on your Integration page. Which you can easily reach by going to your Settings.