Video is an important tool for digital communication, and can lead to higher engagement levels as well as a deeper connection between participants.

Video can really make a difference, which was recently made clear in a report from Vimeo. Where they underlined that video communication could make it easier for leaders to guide employees forward – and have them move there as one. On top of which video could also affect the connection between team members positively.

In addition to the above, the report showed that employees who use video communication rank their organizations higher in areas such as engagement, collaboration and internal communication. This when compared to employees in organizations that do not utilize video for communicating.

Now, this has actually been the case since way before the pandemic made digital interactions standard. Which makes a lot of sense, as video does give us an opportunity to see each other; to connect a voice to a face, and to feel a stronger connection with those we’re talking to. Not to mention that it can also make it easier for participants to feel included in the call/meeting. Something that, in turn, can make collaboration efforts work smoother while engagement levels rise.

There is, however, one more thing to consider, namely the importance of transparency and authenticity. Things that, while they’ve been talked about a lot recently, do make it easier to feel for, listen and understand someone. Factors that make video (and especially live-video) a huge step in the right direction, something that Vimeo so eloquently points to in their report. Where they explain that:

“…There is something unique about live-video. It enables us to see people as they are, stripped of the polish, filters, and scripting. And this is part of what creates that sense of connection; the live-action, “anything can happen” quality of video offers something reminiscent of real life…”

If we think about it in such a way, we can also see that video has an important role to play in the digital meeting because it makes us feel closer to each other, and gives us the chance to interact in a way that resembles the interaction in a physical room. Something that can be absolutely crucial, now that we’re seeing less and less physical meetings.

By making your next meeting an interactive video meeting, where everyone is asked to turn the camera on, you can make a huge difference for how the meeting will turn out. Not just when it comes to how well participants will understand, listen and interact in the meeting, but also when it comes to how close to each other they will feel.

Which is more important now than ever.




Seeing is believing.

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