Smarketing basically means that sales and marketing come together. For the medtech industry, it can be an absolute game changer that gives your product the ROI it deserves.

To stay ahead in the medtech industry, you may need to adopt new ways of working, selling and marketing your product. Enter “Smarketing,” a concept that basically blends the forces of sales and marketing to create a seamless collaboration that gets results. In this article, we will dive into this world to see how you can use the idea of smarketing to reach sales and marketing success with your medtech product. 

What is smarketing?

Smarketing is more or less the idea of breaking down the silos that keep sales and marketing separate. It means that sales and marketing join forces and find ways to work together to give your buyer a relevant experience at each point of their buyer’s journey. In other words, it means that the line between sales and marketing is erased (or somewhat blurred) and that both departments find common ground to work in, oftentimes with outstanding results. In fact, a LinkedIn study found that 87 % of leaders in sales and marketing see that an effective collaboration between marketing and sales can promote a substantial business growth.

Understanding smarketing in medtech

Smarketing represents a value-adding approach to driving growth and buyer engagement. It uses the strengths of both sales and marketing teams, encouraging collaboration and aligning their goals. In the medtech industry, this can be an absolute game changer.

Instead of having each department work in separate silos, where sales might lack information about what marketing material to use and where marketing might be unaware of the accounts that are targeted, smarketing lets both departments work effectively together. Which, in turn, encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, and a shared understanding of the buyer journey.

For the medtech industry, this means that marketing and sales teams can collaboratively identify and target key stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, decision-makers, and even patients. This alignment ensures that messaging, content, and interactions are consistent and tailored to the needs of the audience. I.e. you can have an easier time sharing the right message at the right time, providing a relevant experience for your buyer where information is always accurate.

Using data-driven insights

One of the pillars of smarketing is data, and this also applies to smarketing for the medtech industry. For example, a medtech company looking to market a cutting-edge surgical device can use data to identify hospitals with a high caseload for relevant procedures. Marketing can then develop compelling content, such as case studies, success stories or Digital Showrooms that gather all relevant material in one place, while sales can engage these hospitals with customized pitches tailored to their specific needs.

Improving your buyer’s experience

In the medtech industry, an outstanding buyer experience can make sales happen. Smarketing can make this easier to achieve by letting you give buyers a consistent and unified message across all touchpoints. Whether it’s a website, social media interaction, Digital Sales Room or a one-on-one sales call, buyers can get a seamless experience that gives them confidence in your brand and its offerings.

Driving growth and ROI

Ultimately, the fusion of sales and marketing through smarketing can promote growth and give your product a better ROI. With aligned targets and collaborative efforts, your company can optimize your lead generation, conversion rates, and buyer retention. In other words, by having marketing and sales work together, you can give your product the means to succeed – and have a better chance at reaching the targets you’ve set for it.

How to make smarketing happen

To actually use a smarketing approach, you need to make sure that your sales and marketing teams have the tools they need to work together. They need to to be able to join forces, share material and information and work together to approach targeted accounts with a personalized experience. Here, tools like SP_CE can give your sales and marketing teams a shared place to share material, keep marketing resources and sales presentations updated and accurate and give buyers a great experience from the first touchpoint and on. Which can make the day-to-day work so much easier for your teams, while giving you the means to reach a wide market impact with your product. 

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