If you’re a B2B product-oriented company, odds are the digital showroom can do some great things for your product launches and marketing. Where you’ll do well in finding a showroom that lets you share your products and messaging to your own sales teams, new prospects and key accounts alike.

Showrooms have long been associated with the ever-so cool fashion world, as well as the quick-paced auto industry. That said, the showrooms’ digital counterpart can actually play an important role for all B2B companies looking to get their products out to the right accounts – or their own sales teams. Below, you’ll find an overview of cases where the digital showroom can really shine, and that you can use to see if it’s something for you and your organization.

Where the digital showroom shines

A digital showroom can bring some great value if you’re a B2B product-oriented company and…

Want a way to get new product offerings out to your sales teams

With a good digital showroom, your product team can work with your marketing team to create a dedicated, digital space for your new product offering. A space where they can collaborate, crunch the message and add content that highlights key features and sets the stage for how sales should communicate the product to their prospects and accounts.

This space can then be shared with a click, so that everyone on your sales team can go in and quickly get a grasp of the new product they’ll bring to their accounts and prospects. Which, in turn, means that your product and marketing team can make sure that sales understand the product, grasp the message and know what product content to share when. A game-changer, really, as it can create an overall alignment that is off the hook and gives all three departments the means they need to succeed.

Did you know? A great digital showroom (like the SP_CE Showroom) lets you hold meetings right then and there, and easily share presentations or answer questions. With that, your marketing and/or product team can actually run product demos/training with sales in your showroom. Which, in turn, means that marketing and product will not just be able to share a digital space with sales, make sure they get the message and know how to talk about the product, but can also hold structured training sessions that will give sales reps an edge when talking to their accounts and prospects.

Want to bring a product to select accounts

Do you want to get your product out with an ABM marketing approach? With the right Showroom provider, you can create a large number of showrooms with slightly different messages and content. You can then share the right Showroom with the right account, keep track of interactions and clicks and tweak the content as you go along. Which means that you can create a super-targeted showroom for specific accounts, and adjust it as the process moves forward and you realize what works and what doesn’t.

A good idea, as we all know that testing stuff out is an important part of marketing – and that the trick is to make a qualified guess, evaluate and use what you find to make an even more qualified guess.

Did you know? Our own digital showroom can let you A/B test your message and content without the hassle. This, as it allows you to clone your showrooms and quickly create alternative versions to share. Then, you can see your content and message perform in real time, before you choose which message to go with. Which makes it easier to make that qualified guess we talked about and improve on it over time. 

Want to bring your product to the greater market

Just like a good digital showroom gives you an easy way to get products out to select, high-value accounts, it also lets you bring said product to the greater market. How it works? Well, with a digital showroom you can create something of a microsite, fill it with the right product content and share it with a click. Oftentimes you can track how prospects move around your showroom, what content they look at and for how long. Which gives you a way to qualify leads, nudge them forward in the buying journey and give sales the information they need to take it further.

Did you know? Some digital showrooms, like our own, lets you track how prospects and visitors interact with single pieces of content or material. A feature that lets you see exactly what content works for what market or target audience.

Want to align marketing and sales

Sales and marketing alignment is notoriously hard to figure out, but can be made a reality with a digital showroom. This, as it allows product information, material and messages to quickly pass through your organization. Giving you a rather unique chance to have a consistent message and experience no matter where prospects and customers get in touch with you, and with whom they get in touch with.

Did you know? Our very own SP_CE showroom gives your departments and teams a shared environment to work in. In other words, everyone can always get access to the right information and material, and everyone can share their creations, progress and results without any lead time.

Do you think the digital showroom is something for you? Contact us to get a live tour of our own SP_CE Showroom, and see what your next product launch or campaign can look like.

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