Lideco uses SP_CE for their hybrid sales

Lideco is an industrial manufacturer and supplier of tool components. They use SP_CE to meet customers and suppliers alike, and can reach more people as a result.

We recently spoke to Peter Nilsson, CEO at Lideco, and got to hear more about their SP_CE journey so far.

Hi Peter! What made you choose SP_CE as your Digital Sales Room?

The chance to have everything ready before the meeting was definitely the top reason. Everything feels more complete and prepared in SP_CE, as you can be sure that everything is in place before you step into a meeting.

It was also the feeling of entering a space that was tailor-made for the customer. Where the customer can feel that ”wow, here is someone who has really worked hard and prepared”.

What do you appreciate the most about SP_CE?

In addition to the feeling of entering the space, and the chance to prepare meetings, it’s the timeline. You can go back and look at meetings, but most importantly you can look ahead.

Something that will also become a strong success factor is that you only need a network connection to use SP_CE. You don’t need to download anything, which means that we can reach more people.

What were your expectations when you started using SP_CE?

The expectations were that it would be easy to build meetings, that SP_CE would be easy to use and that there would be no technical issues.

Our expectations have been met, and I also get the feeling that we’re a part of your journey and can give feedback. A lot of the things we’ve wished for have made their way into the platform. We’ve been able to talk about ideas, and it’s been a good teamwork all along.

What has been the biggest challenge?

The feeling that this is another program to work with, with a new interface to learn. But when you really understand the purpose for the customer it all clicks.

What are your plans for your continued journey with SP_CE?

Previously, almost all customer meetings have been in person. We will add more and more digital meetings, partly to have time for more meetings but also to think about the environment and be more sustainable. Our goal is that 15 % av all meetings 2022 will be digital.

What advice would you give to others who are embarking on their SP_CE journey?

No matter the change, a lot comes down to communicating the value and making sure that everyone understands the purpose. When it comes to digital solutions like SP_CE, you also need time to land and feel secure with the solution – and then start to test.

We have 6 sales reps working with SP_CE today, and we have a standing agenda point in our sales meetings when we share tips & tricks. So that we can benefit from each other’s experience.

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