Medtech sales have changed and leading organizations are now setting a standard with a hybrid sales model.

McKinsey recently showed how leading medtech companies are “upending their traditional go-to-market (GTM) strategies by augmenting their field sales forces with remote-sales organizations”. In other words, top-performers in the medtech industry are adding a digital layer to their sales organization – and using a sales approach that includes both remote and F2F sales.

Why medtech sales have gone hybrid

One driving force behind this change is customer expectations. Simply put, customers have now grown used to interacting remotely, and far from everyone want to go back to F2F meetings. Instead, “customers are asking for options on how to engage with medtech companies, depending on where they are in their buying journey and what they are trying to accomplish.”

What this means is that customers want to be able to choose how they interact with a vendor – and use different channels depending on where they are in their journey. For example, many customers want to learn more about products, and even access support, via digital and remote interactions. Which makes it a good idea to use digital channels when it suits the occasion, and meet F2F when that is considered more valuable. A practice that can let you meet customers where they are – in a channel that suits them at this specific moment.

How to make hybrid sales work

In our experience, a lot will depend on your tech stack. If you are to introduce a digital and remote layer to your sales you need the technological tools to help your sales teams succeed. Here, you might benefit from finding a tool that can support a hybrid Go-to-Market strategy and that helps your sales teams meet customers where they are. In other words, you can get a tremendous benefit from finding a digital tool that lets your sales teams:

  • Quickly share the right information
  • Support customers and prospects remotely
  • Hold both digital and F2F meetings and tie them together over time

If you can find a tool that also lets your marketing team equip your sales organization with the right marketing collateral, product specs and training material, you can get a superb foundation for your new, hybrid sales model.

With SP_CE, you can align your teams and make sure that sales have the means to succeed – whether they’re out in the field or selling remotely. Click to learn more in our Medtech Showroom, or contact us to see how you can succeed with your new hybrid model.

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