About B-rayZ

Website: b-rayz.com
Use Case: Content Sharing, Partner Sales
Solution: Showrooms, Salesrooms
Effect: Gained an easy way to share content and engage prospects

Hi, Philippe! Can you introduce B-Rayz shortly?

We are a Swiss startup, a spinoff of the University Hospital of Zurich. We build AI solutions for breast diagnostics. We have a full suite of modules to cover the need of all breast unit departments.

Interesting. I know you recently started using SP CE to help you with this work. What top priority problem did you want to solve?

We were in the middle of the migration of our website, and this project took some time. We wanted to have a platform to show our product to our prospects during the time of this migration. We couldn’t really wait for the new website, so SP_CE was a very good alternative.

The second use case came from the fact that we’ve got a pretty long sales cycle and wanted to keep a high level of client engagement. We found that SP_CE was really a good platform for us to share information with prospects on a regular basis, and see if people were still responding to our message, if they were still engaged, through the analytics in SP_CE.

These were our two main use cases at the beginning. But I must say that, by using SP_CE more and more, we find new use cases. Now, we use SP_CE to help our partners bring our message to their prospects in different countries. Very soon we will also use SP_CE for onboarding our clients. To make sure that people know exactly what to do next, to provide all information and have a smooth implementation of our solution.

b-rayZ is using SP_CE

What’s your experience of using SP CE?

When I saw the platform for the first time, I was really impressed by all the available features. But the platform is one thing, and what has impressed me a lot with SP_CE is really the collaboration we have with the team.

In the beginning, I was a bit afraid that, you know, you just buy a piece of software and you have to deal with it yourself, try to find out your own way. But with SP_CE, they are really like another member of our marketing team. They help us get up to speed, they share new updates and think about how we can get the most out of their product. We even had some feature requests and a few days later they came up with a working feature.

“What really impressed me about SP CE was the collaboration with the team. We even had some feature requests and a few days later they came up with a working feature.”

Philippe Pech
Head of Sales & Marketing, B-rayZ