Project Description

Learn more about the latest digital solutions that can help B2B sales teams excel and shine. In this webinar, we will discuss why sales managers should care about virtual sales. How personal meetings have transitioned into digital spaces and how you can better control the entire buyer’s journey, all thanks to virtual sales. 

To succeed with virtual selling, you need to:

  • Understand the difference between asynchronous and synchronous and how to still be in control
  • Drive a process that works for a long sales cycle
  • Be connected to your CRM, feed it with relevant data to observe but also optimize the experience
  • Use virtual sales to save CO2 and financial cost
  • Be in dialog with your prospects – allow for a two-way communication

During the 15 minute webinar, you will get inspired, motivated, and some tips on how to change your traditional sales process.

  • Leverage your data and use it to optimize your sales process
  • Create an impressive experience for your prospects
  • Get complete visibility of your sales process, what is working, who is performing, what can we do better
  • Create a standard that you know works
  • A hassle-free meeting that delivers every time


Beata Wickbom
Expert on Digital Meetings & Head of Insights
at SP_CE

Jonas Hammarberg
Founder and CEO
of SP_CE

Our host Beata Wickbom is expert on Digital Meetings and was awarded Moderator of the Year. Beata monitors the B2B Sales world with a combined focus on human interaction and technology, in her role as Head of Insights at SP_CE.

Jonas Hammarberg, is the founder and CEO of SP_CE. Jonas is serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of B2B Sales. He is also business coach, a celebrated keynote speaker and author of best selling books on digitalisation and business transformation.

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