Project Description

This is a recorded webinar from The Sales Conference 2021. We discuss how Closing the Gap in B2B with a Digital Sales Room can become a reality. Jonas Hammarberg, founder and CEO of SP_CE, has been in B2B his entire career, starting with 15 years in ERP and CRM industry and travelling the world to meet prospects, make demos, and have endless meetings convincing a never-ending line of stakeholders. So he has some experience to share, and that is why he developed SP_CE. 

B2B sales have not changed that much in 30 years. Meetings, materials, demos, customer testimonials. And along the way, we do our best guess estimates of the win- rate and add it to the Opportunity in the CRM system.

As sales managers, we trust those numbers and our team to deliver, but we often don’t know what ́s going on along the process.

Or processes is more accurate to say, the sales reps have a Sales Process, but the buyers have their Buyers Journey. And these do not always align.

And the buyers run multiple journeys with potential vendors – before they (hopefully) choose us.

Curious to learn more? Watch this 20 min webinar, and you will find out what’s next for your organization in digital sales.


Jonas Hammarberg is the founder and CEO of SP_CE. Jonas is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of B2B Sales. He is also a business coach, a celebrated keynote speaker, and author of best-selling books on digitalization and business transformation.

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