Project Description

Closing deals with virtual selling – from fad to best practice

80 percent of the interaction between buyers and sellers in B2B will be virtual 2025 according to Gartner’s latest predictions. Already post-pandemic we are looking at 60 percent, and the battle for the buyers have already started.

This means a great need for transforming sales into Virtual Sales Pro’s as well as building the brand in all virtual touchpoints.

In order to succeed the sales reps of today need:

  • A clear agreed process with clients
  • Structured digital meetings
  • An engaging buying experience to make a lasting impression
  • We will share our best practices for virtual selling that will help you get your clients engaged and close more deals in the two-dimensional world of digital meetings.

During the 30 minute webinar you will get the 5 pillars of successful virtual selling.

  • How to make a 2 hour meeting in 30 minutes
  • How to engage the buyer in the meeting as well as between meetings
  • How to control the sales process end to end
  • How to share vital information with the client and follow their interaction
  • How to overall go way beyond your competitors simple Zoom or Teams experience


Jonas Hammarberg
Founder and CEO
of SP_CE

Anders Hermansson
Co-founder and CMO
at SP_CE

Jonas Hammarberg, Founder and CEO of SP CE. Jonas is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of B2B Sales experience. He is also a celebrated keynote speaker and author of best selling books on digitalisation and business transformation.

Anders Hermansson, Co-founder and CMO at SP CE. Anders is an entrepreneur with a 25+ year background in B2B Sales and Marketing and a CRM specialist.

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