While virtual meeting fatique is a real thing, there are a number of ways to energize a virtual meeting. So that participants can leave the meeting with more energy than when they arrived.

Whether it’s a customer meeting or a team gathering, finding ways to energize a virtual meeting is a great idea. Especially now, when so many of our interactions occur in the virtual room and meeting fatique is a real possibility.

Here, we have gathered and expanded on a few helpful tips from Forbes Business Council, and that we think can be applied to different types of virtual meetings. Making it easier for participants to stay engaged, and for the host to run a smooth and efficient meeting that leaves participants with more energy than when they arrived.

  • Give participants a chance to connect ahead of time

Allowing participants to gather before the meeting starts, so that they can interact ahead of time, is a great idea. By doing so, you can give participants an opportunity to land, feel the room, and maybe even get aquainted with meeting material. All while also giving them a chance to interact and say hi before the meeting actually starts.

  • Add a fun element, and make sure the meeting is interactive

A little bit of informality can go a long way in the virtual meeting. This can mean to use some of the more fun functions of the meeting tool you’re using  –  for example by opening a whiteboard to draw collectively or encouraging participants to change their virtual background. Where it can also be a good idea to ask pulse questions along the way, adding another level of interactivity. Which can make it easier for participants to stay engaged and feel like a part of the meeting and conversation.

  • Have different presenters, and give everyone the chance to speak

Having different activities with different speakers can be a good way to switch things up and avoid a one-sided conversation. In the same way, it is important to engage everyone in the meeting, to collaborate and make sure everyone has the opportunity to speak.

All in all, you can energize a meeting by engaging the participants and making sure everyone’s included in the conversation. Where, for example, fun elements, different presenters and real-time questions can be good ways to create that energy. Something that we also see can be faciliated by using different types of media for presentations and tools for collaboration.

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