You’ve designed a beautiful space and customized it to the customer’s needs. You’ve invited the right people from the customer side. Now what? Here are five proven ways to boost engagement in your space in under 15 minutes.

1. Write a welcome message in the public chat

Being in a digital room is a new experience for most people. A great way to welcome them is to let them know you’re just a chat message away if any questions come up. A standard first message could be something like this:

“Hi! Welcome to our private space. Here we can share material, collaborate, and communicate. Feel free to invite colleagues you think should be involved by sharing the link. Simply write in the chat if you have any questions before our next meeting. All the best, X”

If you want to give more context to your visitors this guide gives a short recap of what you can do in the space.

Engage your space participants with chat

2. Add a to-do and pin it to the timeline

A mutual action plan is a great way to move a process toward a shared goal. If you’re not comfortable assigning to-dos to your customers yet, assign it to yourself to show how it works.

A few examples of generic to-dos that work for most use cases:

  • Find a suitable time for the next meeting
  • Invite everyone who should be involved in the process/project/collaboration to the space
  • Add the material before/after the next meeting

  • Share notes and follow-up actions after the meeting

  • Align with person X

Use to-do's to activate your participants

3. Send a video message

Much research points to that video beats written communication when it comes to engaging an audience. The space video message feature is very easy to use. You can choose to post your message directly in the chat and/or send it as an email. You can also choose if you want to send it to everyone in the space or privately to selected individuals. Don’t know what to say? Here are a few ideas:

  • Give them a tour of the space; show the content you’ve added, where they can find meeting material, chat, manage to-dos, share the space, etc.
  • Recap what has happened so far in the process and what the next steps are
  • Ask one or a few questions to pick up in your next meeting

Send video messages to engage your participants

4. Update the space design

If something has changed between visit number one and visit number two the space will feel more dynamic and alive. It should be something new to discover when your participants come back the second time. It is easy to add or edit an existing design block. There is also a possibility to hide blocks to be opened later on in the process.

Hide/Show content blocks in the space CMS

5. Take action based on insights from analytics

There is great power in knowing what your customers are up to and not up to, to guide the process forward in a professional, efficient, and smart way.

Here are a few examples of how to use Space Analytics:

Insight: One of your participants has opened a white paper two times in the past week
Action: Share the link to a resource on the same topic as the white paper in a private chat message to that participant.
“I saw you looked at the white paper X, you might find this video interesting…. and then add why.”

Insight: One of your participants has not been in the space to read the pre-read material before the meeting.
Action: Send a private chat message to the participant: “I saw you didn’t have time to visit the space before the meeting, No worries at all, life is busy, you find the meeting resources here after the meeting. Looking forward to chatting more tomorrow.”

Insight: Participant traffic is low in the space. E.g. there are only two people in the space but you know for a fact that the buying committee consists of eight people.
Action: Send private chat messages to the champions: “It’s easy to share this space with whoever needs to be involved on your end, just forward them this link and they will be able to quickly catch up on what has happened so far in the process.”

Take action based on insights from analytics

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas about engagement features that you think we should build.