What is a digital room?

A digital room is a portal between you and your partner or customer. Here, you can share large volumes of material and interact over a long period of time – all in one, private place.

SP_CE product "digital room" illustrated.

The tools you need to interact and drive results

Global repository

Populate your rooms with content from your centralized repository or connected Onedrive/Google Drive. Get full version control and update material everywhere with 1 click.

SP_CE digital room global repository illustrated.
SP_CE digital room tracking and analytics illustrated.

Total tracking & analytics

See all interactions and content views in your room. Spot interest in real time, follow your traction and make truly data-driven decisions.

Simple sharing and total access control

Share your room with 1 persistent link and control exactly who can gain access. Control who can view your material for total peace of mind and security.

SP_CE digital room sharing illustrated.
SP_CE digital room partner login illustrated.

Partner log in that enables you and your partner

Give partners their own log in and make it easy to access select rooms and material. Manage all partners from one centralized portal and provide a single source of truth for all.

Personalize the experience with an easy digital-room builder

Design your rooms with just a few clicks and create an experience your visitors will want to come back to. No long IT experience necessary.

SP_CE digital room builder illustrated.

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